“Super” Snacks for the Big Game


Fresh produce wants in on the big game this year - go for it!(Source: watermelon.org)

Aside from family and friends, food may be the single most important factor for fans looking to enjoy the Super Bowl each year. We know some of you may be planning to serve chips, fried finger-foods or the occasional frothy beverage at your gameday get-together, but there are healthier, alternative snacks that are sure to score big with you and your guests. What do you have to lose?

Root for the home team

While our favorite pro athletes are grinding it out on the football field, North Carolina producers continue growing it in the farm field. Even in the dead of winter, chances are good you can find local apples, carrots, peanuts, squash and sweet potatoes at retailers and farmers markets. Try these fun party snacks for a sure win this year!

  •  “Pick 6” Veggie Tray
    Choose six of your favorite vegetables (try to include a couple of local options), cut them into finger-friendly pieces and serve with a dressing. If you’re not careful, someone may snatch this one and take it to the house! Create single-serve portions by spooning some dressing into a clear party cup and pre-loading it with veggie sticks (carrots, celery and peppers, for example).
  • The Trick Play
    Every team has a trick or two up its sleeves. Make sure to include celery and zucchini sticks with those chicken wings and place pepper strips next to the veggie tray with the more traditional items, like baby carrots. Slices of lettuce, onion and tomato always find their way onto burgers and sandwiches when available. They’ll never see it coming!
  • Touchdown Fries
    What vegetable looks more like a football than the sweet potato? Click here to get the full recipe for these delicious roasted sweet potato wedges or chips (your choice). If you’re really in the spirit of the sport, decorate a couple of baked sweet potatoes by using thin strips of cheese for laces on top.
  • The Berry Bowl
    Break out those berries you froze last summer (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) and combine with grapes or other fruit in a large bowl. Serve with a ladle and bowls to avoid too many fingers in the food. This is one worth celebrating!